Last week, I had a profound God-moment. One of those moments where you can only look back and say, “Wow! That was you! Wasn’t it?!”

Now, about a year ago, this month in fact, I had moved out to rent my granny’s, granny flat/cottage. I hope you got that? Haha! One of the challenges of living in a new place all by myself is getting all the stuff that I used to rely on my mom and stepdad for. Things like a TV, washing machine etc.

Now, for the longest time I had been budgeting to buy a TV. Yes, a TV first because my priorities are in order! I checked various outlets, but something just said “no, don’t buy it”. So, by some miracle, because I very seldom obey, I waited. And, about a week ago I was shocked as to how powerfully God hears us even beyond our audible prayers.

Last week, friends of mine messaged me saying that she and her husband were downscaling and had a tv they needed to get rid of. I asked how much are they charging and they said, “Nothing, free of charge.”

I half burst into tears because, at this stage, I had simply obeyed the voice to wait and now in His grace I have a flat screen tv in my place. Isn’t God good?

Now, the principle that God taught me through this is not about the material possession of this TV. The things of this world, the material aspects of life, will eventually end up fading away. As I am sure the TV is gorgeous but it isn’t lasting forever.

The principle that was laid on my heart, and that I feel led now to share with you, is that our Father in Heaven hears us. He hears us more than we can understand or fathom.

Psalm 139:2 reads: “You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.”

Now, isn’t that wonderful? That the king of the universe, the Lord of all Lords, perceives our thoughts from far off. That He cares enough to listen.

The reason I feel led to share this, is that often in ministry I have heard statements such as: “You pray for me instead, God hears your prayers more than mine” or “I wouldn’t even know what to say if I prayed”.

Now, what does Psalm 139:2, and the miraculous appearance of the TV, teach us? That it doesn’t matter how feeble our attempts at prayer might be. That it doesn’t matter how our prayers are worded. But, that God understands what goes on in our hearts. He hears and understands our thoughts in a far deeper way than we can comprehend.

And that, because He understands our thoughts and the origin of where it comes from, that makes Him the most accessible person we can talk. Because, He understands us better than we understand ourselves! (Jer.17:10, He examines the heart & mind!)

Beloved, let us not allow the enemy to delude us into thinking that our Father doesn’t hear us or is disinterested in what is going on in our lives. Let us instead become the house of prayer that Jesus desires for us to be, as His living temples (Luke 19:46).

Now, the TV is one aspect of my life where the prayer was answered. But, I assure you that there are many aspects of my life where I am still waiting for an answer. Or, where I had to change my perception to see where God was coming from when He said, “No”.

However, isn’t it comforting to know that He listens? That He is keenly aware of everything we go through, and that at the right time, in His perfect way, He will act on our behalf for our good!

Family, if our Father in Heaven through the Holy-Spirit heard my thought of wanting to get a TV. How much more does He hear the grief we are experiencing? How much more does He see our needs in so many spheres of life? How much more does He have compassion on us for the hurt in our hearts?

People of the Cross, our Father in Heaven hears our thoughts. He hears our needs before we even ask. I want to encourage you today. He hears the pain, He sees your tears. And in accordance with His perfect timing, He will make a way… a way far greater than we could imagine or fathom. That’s just what He does. Red Sea? No problem. He made a way through that. Death on the cross? Sin and death defeated. Because of Jesus’ resurrection.

“Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear to dull to hear.”(Is.59:1)

Turn to Him today His arms are open to you.

With lots of love in Christ Jesus

Andrew 🙂