In addition to August being the month we celebrate women – it is also known as the month of compassion.

As we are halfway through August, I thought it would be a good idea for us to do a compassion evaluation on ourselves and see how we’ve been doing in that department. And if need be – we still have two weeks to up our game! Although compassion is something that needs to be part and parcel of who we are as followers of Jesus Christ, who is compassion personified.

Think about it – compassion is a powerful force that flows from the heart of God and has the potential to transform lives, heal wounds, and inspire acts of love, as we are called to be bearers of hope, agents of change and vessels of God’s boundless compassion in our daily lives.

Throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, we witness the extraordinary compassion of our Lord. In every account, we are shown what it truly means to care for others deeply and genuinely. His compassion was not limited to a select few; but rather extended way beyond that to the outcasts, the marginalized, sinners and the broken-hearted.

In the Gospels, we see Jesus reaching out to the lepers, healing the sick, and welcoming the sinners with open arms. His parables, such as the Good Samaritan, highlight the importance of showing compassion to everyone, regardless of their background, circumstance or social standing. Time and time again, Jesus’ actions teach us that compassion is a fundamental aspect of our Christian journey.

As we reflect on the compassion of Jesus, we find encouragement for our daily lives. We live in a world that can often seem devoid of compassion, where division and strife abound. Yet, the compassionate heart of Jesus invites us to break down walls and extend a helping hand to those in need. It reminds us that even in the face of challenges, our actions can bring hope and light to those around us.

In our interactions with family, friends, colleagues, and strangers, we are given the opportunity to practice compassion. A kind word, a listening ear, a small act of service—these are the threads that weave together the fabric of compassion in our lives. Let us remember that we are called to be bearers of hope, agents of change, and vessels of God’s compassion in a world that thirsts for love.

For the rest of this month, let us embrace the compassion of Jesus as a beacon of hope. Let us allow His example to guide us in our daily interactions, reminding us that each act of compassion has the power to create ripples of positive change. Let us not underestimate the power of a kind word, for it has the ability to uplift a weary soul and bring peace to a troubled heart. Likewise, the gift of a listening ear provides comfort and support to those facing challenging times. As we extend a helping hand to others, we are not only reflecting Christ’s love but also nurturing the seeds of hope within us.

May the compassion of Jesus infuse our hearts and actions this month and always to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, offering our hearts and hands to those in need, showing love, kindness and understanding to all who cross our paths.

Much love